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      工作時間:周一~周五 上午9:00-17:30咨詢熱線:021-00000000



      Mian Hong Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 6 months, registered capital of more than one million yuan High-tech enterprises, is a collection of intelligent home, monitoring systems, weak engineering research and development, design installation maintain technology companies. Since its inception, adhering to the attitude of integrity, mature technology and perfect service, quality in the same industry ahead. So have to undertake a number of projects, performance throughout the government agencies, financial systems, all kinds of markets, hotels, troops, schools, residential areas and other industries, and won the industry a good reputation.
      We believe in " Science and technology first, quality for, honesty, satisfaction as the standard " principle, adhere to the "people-oriented, honest and trustworthy, pioneering and innovative, return to society," the purpose, with good products, strong technology, rich experience, perfect after-sale, preferential prices, For customers to deliver a large number of quality engineering. In the efforts of all staff, strengthen the strength, in the intelligent home, weak engineering, monitoring systems and other fields to high-quality engineering, reliable products, good service has won more and more customers, while we have grown into a strong technology and quality service high-end engineering and service providers.
      Hand handshake commitment, heart to heart communication, Mian Wang Smart home, enjoy the fun of science and technology!
      Telephone 0757-82230236/13679827123
       Email Address: 13679827123@139.com
      Address: Foshan Chancheng District Wenhua North Road, 237 Second Floor


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